About Me

How does one write this “About Me” page?

I could do it by the different work-related areas that I have been involved in, such as pastoring, missionary, business owner, truck driver or teacher. I could list it by my academic and trade credentials, such as Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity, Class D license with Air Brake credentials or other trade related courses. Each of these would be true but not fully describe whom I am.
My life should be defined by my passions, of what motivates me and spurs me on.

What are these passions?

  • I am first and foremost a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. My life belongs to Him in love and service.
  • I am passionate about family and those entrusted to me for encouragement, prayer and watchful care.
  • I am passionate about mentoring others, of being involved with those¬†who desire to see their lives fully developed in potential and creative expression.
  • I am passionate about working alongside of missionaries and co-workers through prayer, fund raising and encouragement.

Frank Boreham spoke of believers who are content to “sunbathe” on the beaches of their faith when God calls us to leave the safety of the shores and go deeper with Him in relationship, service and trust. As with Ezekiel it begins by taking the first step into the waters of His grace and calling on our lives.

I would invite you to go deeper with me in passionate love and service to Him who reigns forever.


Dave Griggs


Connect with Dave

Please know that I love to speak with my Father and to bring others before Him in prayer. I have this unfailing belief that He both hears and answers the prayers of His children.
Use the contact form to let me know how I might be of service to you.

Dave Griggs, MDiv

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