My Novels

By David E. Griggs

Hitler’s Secret PapersĀ 

Otto von Kraus finds himself in possession of Hitler’s private documents, At war’s end, this hero and recipient of the Iron Cross, is caught up in a web of deception, money and power. What could these papers contain that he would fight to preserve what others would seek to destroy? Will these secrets cost him his life? Will they expose a larger, more sinister plot?


Started into this book and couldn’t stop!
This story grabs your attention right from the start and keeps you looking to see what’s coming next.
Highly recommended!!!

– Mike S.

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By David E. Griggs

Bible Word Search

Fifty different word search puzzles, with solutions of over 1250 words from the Bible. You will expand your knowledge of the Bible as you search out words from both the Old and New Testaments. Unfamiliar words can spur you on as you seek further understanding of God’s Word and draw closer to the ultimate Author of the Bible.

By David E. Griggs

Sudoku Puzzle Book

Sudoku puzzle book with three levels of challenge. Below each puzzle are classic car questions, with answers on the solutions page for each section. Included are four Mazes to test your observation skill.

By David E. Griggs

Sudoku For Beginners

Sudoku can be a challenge for novices or beginners. This puzzle book is designed to help the beginner learn and progress in skill level, beginning at the very easy level unto the medium skill level.

By David E. Griggs

Agape Journal

A journal to help the reader to focus on personal growth in loving both God and others in the concept of agape love. The journal complements the blog posts found in Knowledge never stands alone but needs application in the everyday affairs of life. This journal is the first in the Fruit of the Spirit.

By David E. Griggs


Nathan Douglas, an American sailor, falls in love with Mary Johnson, a daughter of United Empire Loyalists just prior to the War of 1812. It isn’t the first time their families have been on opposite sides of a war. The pain of past betrayals that overflowed from the War of Independence runs very deep. Only forgiveness and love can restore their families but first, another battle will rage that will test their loyalties. The Battle of Queenston Heights begins a three year war that will begin to define Upper Canada as a country separate from its British and American brethren.

By David E. Griggs


The forces of evil have gathered in strength against the church. Their sole purpose is to destroy the people of God and capture the heart of the city. Only a few stand between them and total destruction. The angelic beings have kept watch but they cannot win this alone. Will the few rise up? Will they take the fight to the enemy? Will Matt, the pastor’s son, choose whom he will serve? Though written as fiction, the strategy remains true. Our weapons are not of human making. The soul of the city cannot be won by programs. “Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.” Read, ponder, pray and seek Him.

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