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 I am a self-confessed news junkie. I love following the events of the day and keeping abreast of the happenings. I enjoy the journalist panels, the various interviews and the diverse spins on the events.

I also am a self-confessed sports junkie. Anything with a ball, anything that moves can keep me fixated for hours. I have my favorite teams (Detroit Lions, Blue Jays and yes, the Leafs). I enjoy watching little white balls being driven down the fairways. I have never developed a passion for NASCAR, though friends I know do.

I am finally a self-confessed entertainment junkie. There are certain genres that I am not drawn to, such as romances. Maybe it’s because I don’t like my wife seeing me tear up. I do like a good horror flick or adventure story. Though, after watching countless movies, it’s hard to be surprised by any ending anymore. I usually have the plot figured out long before the climax of the movie.

Yet I am finding myself dissatisfied. After the countless hours spent on entertainment, of whatever genre, there is a sense of emptiness that still exists long after it is over. These avenues have not and do not satisfy those deeper longings within my soul. The entertainment fix is only for a short time and the hours spent can never be replaced.

Maybe it’s the stage of life that has come upon me. I recognize that I have more years behind me than ahead of me, at least on this side. I am reminded of the Psalmist’s words, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. (Ps.90:12). I accept that I have a limited shelf life. That’s okay. There is “a time to be born and a time to die.” (Ecc.3:2) This does not bring to me depression but sober self-reflection. Knowing the realities of life, what do I want to give myself to with whatever time is allotted to me?

There is much that I still want to do and things I would like to do but probably never will.  We all have our “bucket lists.” So how do I capture the hours that I might invest in my want list?

I have chosen, at least for this time, to disconnect from the news/political channels, the sports networks and the entertainment industry that I might focus on what is most important to me. I must say that I am going through withdrawals, maybe not to the level of those who struggle with substance abuse. Yet the withdrawal is still real.

It would be unfair for me or anyone to lay their template of priorities upon you or seek to squeeze you into their mold. It is your journey to walk and your life to live.

What is on your bucket list? What will you do with the time allotted to you? How do you choose to invest your time and energy?

Carpe Diem!







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