Not Shrinking Back

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“I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom.1:16).

“We have been so hopelessly dehumanized that for today’s modest ration of food we are willing to abandon all our principles, our souls, and all the efforts of our predecessors and all opportunities for our descendants — but just don’t disturb our fragile existence. We lack staunchness, pride and enthusiasm. We don’t even fear universal nuclear death, and we don’t fear a third world war. We have already taken refuge in the crevices. We just fear acts of civil courage . . . We fear only to lag behind the herd and to take a step alone – and suddenly find ourselves without white bread, without heating gas  . . .  We have been indoctrinated in political courses, and in just the same way was fostered the idea to live comfortably, and all will be well for the rest of our lives.” (Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the day he was arrested, in 1974, by the secret police).

Solzhenitsyn understood that for the sake of a mess of potage or a scrap of bread people will sell their soul to “the ruling order”. Even now, as the powerful elite move towards the “Great Reset”, this pandemic has given impetus to their vision of a brave new world. Fettered by big brother, the masses move mindlessly towards a future where “the rich rule over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender” (Prov.22:7).

Adolphus Huxley, author of the Brave New World, envisioned a utopian future where humans are genetically modified to passively serve a ruling order. Human individuality, creativity and freedom become subservient to the masters who control the masses, redesigned to only fulfill the will of the powerful.

Our day is not unique to us. Scotland, in the 1500’s, was being squeezed into the “Great Reset” by Mary, Queen of Scots. Yet God chose a man who believed firmly in the power of the Gospel to change lives (even nations); who prayed and would not quit until righteousness and truth once more ruled in the hearts of men and women. It is said that Mary feared the prayers of John Knox more than the armies of England. Knox’s watchword was “Give me Scotland or give me death.”

Even Patrick Henry, in opposition to the tyranny of British rule, is quoted as saying, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

The church must never worship at the feet of those who demand loyalty to the state, nor offer incense to its idols. Neither should the church be mired in political intrigues, seduced by financial promises, or lulled to sleep by complacency. How can the church speak truth to lies when it shares the same bed? The Gospel must be pressed and its truths upheld. Lay aside the timidity of heart and declare unashamedly the claims of Jesus Christ, for the Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation, for all who will believe.



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