Occupy Till I Come

by | May 12, 2019 | Goals | 2 comments

Today I turn 65. A milestone to be sure but one that doesn’t bring with it any discouragement, depression or even fatalism. I have approached this day with a sense of optimism. I realize that I am entering into the fall season of my life. The vigors of youth and the challenges of middle age have only enriched my life with increased wisdom and a deeper spirituality than I have ever known.

I have now reached an age where many retire and move into another phase of their life. Of course I have given thought to what that might look like for me. Now that I am 65 I could spend more time on the golf course, more time reading, more time writing, more time goofing off and the list goes on. After all, as I have heard from those who have reached this magical age, “I’ve done my time. Now let somebody else do it”.

And yet!

“Occupy till I come” is in the context of being entrusted with a great treasure, an investment that replicates itself  with continual growth potential. It is a sacred trust that doesn’t somehow cease when we reach 65. It is a gift that has the ability to keep on giving, keep on enriching, keep on blessing, and keep on bringing transformative change wherever found.

The depth of wisdom, the wealth of experience; who can truly measure these things.

I have no idea as to the actual date when Jesus will call me home. It matters not. I am ready to meet Him, regardless of the day of my departure. I choose not to look in my rear view mirror, bemoaning what I may have lost. I am fully focused on what I will gain, what awaits me. Death is but a portal, a gateway into a life that is richer and fuller than I could ever imagine.

I may have reached 65 but I am more fully engaged with life than I have ever been

We, who have reached such an age, have been entrusted with a great treasure of wisdom and experience, not to be squandered or shelved but invested in the lives of others. We can accept the false notion that we owe it to ourselves to now take it easy, that we’ve earned our rest. Or we can occupy till He comes in service to the Christ and others. Our choice, but as me, I choose to seize the day!





  1. Joe Betsill

    Love what you wrote, Dave. I turned 65 myself a few months ago and although I don’t have the gift of expressing my thoughts like you, my heart echos your feelings and desires to occupy and expand the Kingdom during this evening time of my life. Blessings to you, brother!

    • Dave

      Joe: Thank you for your kind words. I have deep respect for you and Cindy and the work you are doing in Panajachel. You are an example of “Occupying Till He Comes”.
      Keep up the good work.


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