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Recently the Chinese Communist Party, in “Article 3 of the Measures” act requires clergy — among other demands — to support the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) rule, the Chinese socialist political system, effectively imposing a political test to ensure clergies’ loyalty to the CCP … All other religious activity outside of those bodies will now be banned and is punishable by the state.” There is an outright ban on house churches and other forms of religious expression that do not fall within the parameters as outlined by the CCP.

An interesting correlation is found in 2 Chronicles 36. “The people of the land took Johoahaz the son of Josiah and made him king in his father’s place in Jerusalem.” Two verses later the king of Egypt deposed him, imposing a tribute on the land and made his brother, Eliakim king over Judah and Jerusalem, and changed his name to Jehoiakim.” The criteria for leadership no longer rested in divine succession but whether the leaders aligned themselves with the governing authorities. They could be installed, deposed or even executed, depending on the whims of the civil government.

The Word of the Lord Stands Forever

In Ahaz’s day, even though he “encouraged moral decline in Judah and had been continually unfaithful to the Lord,” (2 Chron.28:19), the Lord raised up two prophets, Obed and Isaiah to speak to the nation. They were appointed and anointed by God to speak to a nation that desperately needed to hear a word from the Lord.

These are troubled days in our nations. As with Ahaz, political leaders honor God with their lips but their hearts are far from Him (Is.29:12; Matt.15:8-9). Yet God continues to raise up prophets who will speak to the moral decline, prophets appointed and anointed speaking “truth to power” and calling people back to repentance that they and our nations might be restored to God.

“The kings of the earth take their stand against the Lord and against His anointed One” (Psalm 2:2) and still the One enthroned on high laughs at their folly. These political leaders may have their day in the sun but their flower fades and their grass withers for only the Word of the Lord lasts forever (Is.40:48).





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