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What does the Old Testament prophet Hosea have in common with the 20th century evangelist Billy Graham? Two things: longevity and staying on message. Billy Graham served as a spiritual advisor to 12 different presidents of the United States, from Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama. Hosea, the son of Beeri, served as a prophet to the nation of Israel for 80 years. Hosea’s ministry was to the 10 tribes, known as Israel, who had broken away from the southern tribe of Judah following Rehoboam’s refusal to provide tax relief to the people (more to follow in another blog). The interesting read is that the kings listed under his ministry were actually the kings of Judah, except for Jeroboam (II), the son of Joash, king of Israel. (1:1). Murder and mayhem followed the kings of Israel because of turning away from God to idols. It wasn’t safe to be a king in Israel. Judah, though not always, had more stability and as such their kings are included in Hosea’s ministry, from Uzziah to Hezekiah. 

Billy Graham made a fatal error when beginning his service to the presidents. He tried to counsel Truman on foreign policy and as such Truman marginalized Graham and even spoke ill of him in later memoirs. Graham learned that his role was to be a spiritual counsellor to these leaders and an evangelist to the nations. He never deviated from that position and stayed on message. Hosea, in spite of the political uncertainties and intrigues of Israel, stayed on message, calling the nation of Israel to put away their idolatry and return to the God of their fathers. Both Graham and Hosea were not interested in pursuing power, only being true to the God who had called them. As such, when the “Lord began to speak by Hosea”, he first spoke to Hosea and then through Hosea to the people. 

“The word of the Lord that came,” as it did to Hosea (1:1), first calls us to respond to the claims of Christ on our own lives. With all the noise and distractions, it is imperative to stay on message, “lest having preached to others, I find myself disqualified” (I Cor. 9:27).

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  1. Joanne Verdone

    That is a good point, I always liked Billy Graham, and looking him in this light makes his messages that much more. Thank you

  2. Joyce Smith

    So very TRUE (even though you gave us the answer to your ‘riddle’ in the first paragraph.) IMHO, the last sentence sums it all up…. Christ in our hearts first, then tell others the good news!!


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