Knowing God Makes The Difference!

A casual reading through the prophets, like Hosea, could leave one with the impression that they are killjoys, being the epitome of pessimism gone rampant. "Poor players who strut and fret their hour upon the stage … idiots, full of sound and fury but signifying...

When Will Judgement Come?

When does God say enough, that "My longsuffering and patience has ended. It is time for judgement to begin." We find a precedent for this in 2 Kings 21:6ff. Manasseh, the king of Judah and son of Hezekiah, did "evil in the sight of the Lord" (21:2). Not only did he...

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Please know that I love to speak with my Father and to bring others before Him in prayer. I have this unfailing belief that He both hears and answers the prayers of His children.
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