The Messenger’s Message

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Desert region in Israel

“A rhema word came to John, son of Zacharias, in the desert” (Lk.3:2)

The fascinating thing about John the Baptist is that he never deviated from the mandate given to him in the desert. There is no indication that he ever laid hands on people for healing; no indication that he ever cast out demons; no indication that he ever travelled to Jerusalem to preach. He stayed on message, in the desert, for “he was sent by God” for a specific purpose. John the apostle clearly states this purpose:

  • he came as a witness
  • that he might witness concerning the Light
  • that all might believe through Him

A rhema word given, for a specific purpose or message, is always to witness to the Light, never to draw attention to the messenger. Both John’s understood this. “He was not that Light but that he might witness concerning the Light.” God is not interested in glorifying the messenger but the Message. It’s always about the Light, the eternal Word, the Creator. When the messenger loses sight of this rhema word, darkness begins once more to cloud vision and darken the mind. Only the true Light can dispel darkness, only “the true Light can enlighten all mankind, having come into the world” (9). The messenger witnesses to the Message, even when others cannot see or accept this truth.

What is the truth that the apostle John makes clear? That the Creator made the world, came into His world and yet was not even known by the world. Even those who claimed to know Him didn’t recognize His coming. Maybe, like Adam, they chose to hide from His presence for fear of disclosure. “I heard Your voice in the garden and was afraid so I hid myself” (Gen.3:10). How easy it is to drift so far from the moorings of the shore that we no longer recognize the shoreline.

Yet those who welcomed the Light, who received the Light into their lives, an amazing thing happened and still happens. “He gave them authority to become children of God, to those who believed in His Name”.

  • authority, with all the rights and privileges accorded to position
  • to become heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ (Rom.8:17)

One is not born into this by natural selection. It can never be about proper breeding or right connections or spiritual heritage. As the apostle writes: “Not from blood nor from the will of flesh or from the will of man” (13). It’s only by the will of God.

The message is always about the Christ, the eternal Word who was with God and is God; the Creator who called all things into being; the One who brings light and life to all who will receive Him. John the Baptist never lost sight of his mandate. John the apostle never lost sight of the Message. May the same be said of us.

“Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening” (I Sam.3:9-10).




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