Vimy Ridge – April 9, 1917

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With generous hands they paid the price,
Unconscious of the cost;
But we must gauge the sacrifice
By all that they have lost.

The joy of young, adventurous ways,
Of keen and undimmed sight;
The eager tramp through sunny days.
The dreamless sleep of night.

No lavish love of future years,
No passionate regret,
No gift of sacrifice or tears,
Can ever pay the debt.


“Some have been driven by a sense of duty to do the best there was in them in a task for which they have no natural desire. Others eagerly welcome the chance to sweep straight as a falcon at a quarry which may be death; and these may come back with broken wings, or they may never come back, and word may be brought to the women who weep that they must walk henceforth in the shadow. But all alike have done their duty and more than their duty; and their souls shall stand forever in the glory of the morning; and all who dwell in this land now or who shall dwell in it in the future, owe to them a debt that can never be cancelled. – Theodore Roosevelt

William Griggs: 3rd Division, 7th Brigade, 42 Battalion (Black Watch)




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