When God Redirects

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Our plans were set to move north after Esther retired, into a rural community setting, designed for retirees. The apartment was secured, the plans laid out and we were set to move into our new location.

I had sought the advice of my children and friends prior to making this decision and each, almost collectively, said not to go but to remain in this area. I could not see how this would be possible, considering the financial adjustments that come with retiring.

Often, when we set our plans, we need to be open to possibly other options.

It was almost, figuratively, the midnight hour when a church pursued us to be their part-time pastors. Much had to fall into place but very quickly, within two months, we assumed our new pastoral position in Dunnville, Ontario.

The added blessing is that this position allows me to give continued oversight to missions, meet with my team, write and blog, and pastor. And the view from our balcony is like being in a northern setting, a peaceful and idyllic setting.

How flexible are you in decision making? There are times that we must set our “faces like flint” and be unwavering in the direction of our lives. Yet, even in those times, God may be calling us to make course corrections.

“Father, help me to listen to not only Your voice but those that I trust, and be pliable and flexible.”



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